Monday, 14 January 2013

The Right Approach: Weight Loss Tips for Women for a Slim Figure

The Right Approach - Every woman wants to look slim and beautiful. They want that every dress should fit them perfectly. But to lose weight, they should keep in mind that they are adopting a new lifestyle, not a program. They have to take care of their diet and do regular exercises.

Tips for Woman to Lose Weight

Some Important Diet for Woman to Lose Weight:

  1. Cereals: Eat cereals in breakfast so that you can check calories. You can take it in skimmed milk. The fiber in cereals is well for the digestive system.
  2. Yogurt: It has fat, carbohydrate and protein that help to get balanced diet. It also provides calcium which is very important for a woman’s body.
  3. Spices: They keep control on the body weight. Spices such as turmeric, fenugreek, onion, ginger and cumin are known for their weight loss characteristics.
  4. Citrus fruit: Vitamin C mainly helps in absorbing iron. Grapefruits and oranges have that properties and they are the best weight loss fruits for women.

In addition, do exercises like swimming, cycling, walking to reduce weight. Some other tips for women are:

  • Start drinking water instead of drinking soft drinks.
  • Deep fried foods are not good for health, so avoid them.
  • Do not take fatty and sugary foods.

3 Effective & Strong Weight Loss Tips for Women

  1. One should eat eggs in breakfast.
  2. One should take black beans everyday.
  3. Women should take 3 apples everyday.

Exercises are very important. Only diets can’t help in reducing weight. You have to do workout also. Start with gentle exercise. Cardio kickboxing are one form of exercise that has become popular among modern women.

Here are 7 cardio kickboxing tips for women to reduce weight.

  1. Take your warm-up seriously.
  2. Work out with the right intensity.
  3. Breathe properly during training.
  4. Try to kick as high as your flexibility allows.
  5. Encourage your partner as well as yourself.
  6. Go with heavier gloves such as 160z.
  7. Keep your hands up while you punch, don’t drop them below your chin.

Do these exercises and drink 8 glasses of water daily to shed your excess pounds.



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